• Overhaul and expand Medicaid
  • Accessible healthcare
  • Cost effective premiums 


  • Equality and education
  • Bolster education through technology 
  • Revitalize urban and rural education infrastructure

Economy and Jobs:

  • Economic growth and stability
  • Pre-pair jobs of tomorrow
  • Stimulate small business development


Natural Resouces & Farming



Education is the foundation of a free and prosperous society. Education directly relates to health status, job employability, social responsibility, cultural appreciation and societal contribution. Education level correlates to earnings potential and taxes paid back to society. We must revitalize Kansas public education through appropriate funding, classroom equipping, staff maintenance, and program goal setting. One way or the other, we will pay; either by way of more crime, more jails and policing costs, lower employability and higher health care costs or by appropriate finding of education. Pay me now or pay me later.

Economy and Jobs:

Education is the foundation to stimulating the economy by providing better employability and better skills for people to start their own businesses if they desire. Small businesses are the primary employers, not large corporate behemoths, and our legislative policies must make it easiest for small businesses to start and succeed in Kansas. Every employer knows that employee training and education are key to the success of the employee and consequently the employer. Every employer knows that such education and training will and do cost money. But all the tax breaks in the world aren’t going to help if there aren’t educated workers to hire.


A prosperous economy does not need to compromise the environment.  It is not a matter of having either a prosperous economy or a pristine environment.  It is a matter of simple math and chemistry.  Both sides of the equation must be balanced for the process to work properly. Edison fought Tesla tooth and nail to prevent alternating current electricity from becoming standard which it eventually did.  Edison had a financial interest in this matter, his own personal profitability.  We have the technology to operate a much cleaner society, but the standard industrial complex, like Edison,  lacks social responsibility to implement much of the required technology, some that has existed for decades.  Appropriate technology leads to higher paying jobs, cleaner businesses, a more healthful environment and lower healthcare costs and ultimately a more prosperous society.

Social Issues:

Pregnancy Termination – As a physician, I took an oath to first do no harm and sometimes in emergency or combat situations that means choosing between one life or another. I am both pro-life and pro-choice depending upon the circumstances.


It is easy for people to invoke religious beliefs and prejudicial biases into the discussion. Though our founding fathers based many of their decision on judo-christian thought, they specifically exclude religious law from the Constitution. Marriage in every state of the US requires a license to be recognized by the State for purposes of ownership, responsibilities, taxes, inheritance and government adjudication. Likewise, to get out of a “marriage contract” one must have the “contract” adjudicated and terminated by a court of law, not a church or religious court. This is a matter of “contract law.” The Constitution guarantees EVERY person the right of contract. As such marriage by the State is an issue of contract law, NOT religious law. What one does in his/her church is his/her business. What one does with the State is an issue of the Constitution, specifically right of contract Article I, Section 10. Everyone is to be equal under the law.